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Thanks to the hard work of countless Republican volunteers Mayor Berry was overwhelmingly re-elected. These same volunteers helped re-elect City Councilors Dan Lewis and Don Harris by huge margins.

Unfortunately the hard work is not done. While City Councilor Janice Arnold-Jones won her three-way race, beating her nearest opponent by ten percent, she missed avoiding a run-off by less than three-quarters of one percent giving us another important election.

The run-off election is Tuesday November 19th. It is vitally important that as a Party we do everything we can to win this election. The Republican majority is at stake.

How important is this run-off? It is so important that Sam Bregman, the Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, on the day after the election wrote, “Democrats have a good chance to elect Ms. Gibson and reclaim a majority on the City Council.” He went on to write about the ballot initiative that will be voted on that day as well. The New Mexico Democrats are attempting to nationalize this election and bring outside money in to win a Democrat majority on council to stop Mayor Berry from continuing the good he has done over the last four years.

Will you join us today and help counter the outside money the Democrats are going to throw at this election? Your contribution of $25, or more, now will help us do the work needed to keep a Republican majority on council.

Don’t let Sam Bregman and the Democratic Party of New Mexico turn this run-off election into something it’s not. It was Bregman who wrote, “We won’t let them stop women and their families from making personal health care choices.” It’s Bregman’s blatant attempt to use the ballot initiative to nationalize this election.

Bregman is trying to rally national Democrats because he knows if they take the majority on council they can stop Mayor Berry from doing the good work he would otherwise continue to do for us.

Don’t let it happen. You can help stop the outside influences from meddling in our local elections with a generous online contribution today of $25 or more today.

November 19th is about Albuquerque’s future. Help us keep a majority on City Council with a contribution today.

Frank Ruvolo
Chairman, Republican Party of Bernalillo County